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Houdini 3.0 jammed Rybka 4.1

Published on Feb 13 2013 // Chess Games

By BlunderCheck

houdini3_bt07The top rated chess engine Houdini 3 (3191) smashed Rybka 4.1(3101) anew in their round five encounter in the TCEC Engine chessfest.

With the win Houdini 3 catches up the leaders Gull II (3083) and Vitruvius (3070) and share the top with similar 4.0 points in the ongoing chess engine battles.

Last years finalist Rybka once again faced Houdini on the black side but this time Rybka engaged the top seed in a Sicilian game as opposed to the Ruy Lopez encounter of last year when Houdini grabbed the win in 62 moves of a thrilling middlegame chess tactics between these two powerhouse chess engines.

After 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6  Houdini replied the early  5 f3 to give support to the  e4 pawn and with the idea of  laying down a Maroczy Bind in the center and having more control of the d5 square if Rybka wants to dislodge the knight by way of 5…f5 which the engine did in response to the quite f3 on move five by Houdini.

With the bind now accomplshed and the fight over the all-important d5 square already in Houdini’s hands, the top seed even offered black a pawn on move 15, when regaining the pawn will hamper  Houdini his castling rights caused by the open f-file and the white King still stuck in the center under constant pressure of the enemy’s sniper fire.

Instead 15. 0-0 was Houdini’s perfect choice in the position, giving up a pawn in exchange for the initiative in the kingside and minor piece incursions in the other side of the board via the b5 and d5 squares. Houdini confounded Rybka with fantastic piece handling in a seemingly  equal position and even managed to get the Bishop pair and the attack proceeding.

In the final position when black is about to lose his remaining piece in exchange for the pawn on the seventh rank, Houdini 3 can comb-out so easily the entire sixty four squares to give mate in a Bishop and Knight endgame. Houdini wins 1-0.

Here’s the game:




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